HNRP at INS 2018

Several HNRP affiliated investigators contributed to the 46th Annual Meeting of the International Neuropsychological Society, February 14-17, 2018, Washington, DC. The theme of the meeting is "connecting the present to the future". Their posters highlight varied aspects of cognitive function related to disease, aging, and genetics.

Campbell LM, Eppig J, Kelsey RT, Edmonds E, Bondi MW. Cognitive performance and Alzheimer’s Disease biomarkers in superaging and normal older adults.

Paolillo E, Pasipanodya EC, Heaton RK, Moore DJ. Depressive symptoms are associated with cognitive decline in HIV/AIDS.

Saloner R, Yokoyama JS, Coppola G, Karydas A, Fox E, You M, Kramer JH. Associations of dopamine-related genes with executive functioning in functionally normal older adults.

Sundermann EE, Maki P, Rubin LH, Mielke M, Machulda M, Bondi M. Sex-based norms in clinical tests of verbal memory might improve diagnostic accuracy in Alzheimer’s Disease.

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